Born in Bergamo (Italy) in 1984, she studied at the Polytechnic of Milan where, in May 2010, she graduated with honors in Architecture (with a Major in Interior Design). Her dissertation topic was "Inhabiting the Limit" and the thesis itself was realized in collaboration with the Department of Structural Engineering of the Polytechnic of Milan (Supervisor Prof. Biolzi, Assistant Supervisor

Prof. Cattaneo).

In 2009 she started collaborating with Architect Francesca Perani at Francesca Perani Enterprise Studio, working in the fields of graphics, product design, interior design and architecture.

In the last few years she has been involved in collaborations with private firms, public institutions, as well as with the Professional Association of Architects of the Province of Bergamo. These experiences allowed her to acquire knowledge and skills and to develop the passions and inclinations she had already shown during her studies, especially in the fields of architecture, interior design and graphics. Her research interests revolve around two main thematic poles: interior design, with a special attention to furnishing solutions that merge in the architectural space, and graphics, brand design and the study of corporate identity.

She loves work, as well as life, with curiosity and enthusiasm.

To borrow Michael Wolff's words: "I am obsessively interested in everything".



via del pero, 23

24040 levate . bergamo

t +39 035 594 666

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